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In The Hudsucker Proxy, Norville Barnes

attempts to convince anyone who’ll listen

that a simple circle on a dogeared scrap of

paper is the blueprint of a

great childrens’ toy.

It’s one of my favorite

metaphors for the creative process.

2 November 2013 How do I make sense of the things I love? You know, the things I truly love, the things that enter me and linger, take root and stay. How do I bring them together and assure myself that, somehow, they are all of a piece, and each links subtly with the other to form a brilliant symmetric […]

14 June 2013 a short film with ambien mitchell and maz waszak

2 May 2013 Growing up, I never really had a present dad to give me positive or negative feedback. (Yes, I know. ‘Copious tears’ [Coen Brothers reference]). I was already an adult when I acquired my first true father figure and it had a direct influence on my writing, being properly concerned with it to some degree. It’s a long […]

1 March 2013

27 February 2013   A few nights ago, I watched Robert Bresson’s ‘L’Argent’. I had seen it before, years ago, and remember being less impressed with it than some of his other films.   With this film as well as his others, it’s as if Bresson constructed his own film language, completely apart from what others have done with film […]

15 February 2013 I’m not particularly religious, but I’ve always been intrigued by old recordings of the sermons of evangelical preachers. The best are incredibly nuanced and inherently dramatic. They have an aspect of music, as all great public speaking does. And when the preachers truly get going, their breathing becomes audible, the interlacing of inhalation and exhalation apparent. In […]

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