with Ben Singer and Abigail Dowd

an experiment in incorporating text and music with live performance. Voices: Abigail Dowd, Steve Mitchell  Music: Ben Singer  Recording: Ben Singer Our first project is a recording of my short story, Face. Find our Soundcloud here.

with Deonna Kelli Sayed

Ask a Muslim Anything Scuppernong Books
Have you ever wanted to talk to a Muslim? Someone who could be your co-worker or neighbor? “Ask A Muslim Anything” is an opportunity for conversation on aspects of belief, identity, and practice — or whatever comes up. In this three month program, diverse N.C. Muslims will be available for an informal chat about Muslimy things.
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with Carol Roan

Come to Your Senses: Creativity and the Body (Tentative Title)
Writing and workshops that explore the connections between creativity, our senses and our bodies. We see creativity as a full body experience instead of a simple intellectual exercise and find ways to engage our bodies completely in our creative lives.
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with Brian Lampkin and others

Scuppernong Books
Recently named one of the top 20 independent bookstores in the South, Scuppernong Books has quickly become an integral part of downtown Greensboro, NC and an essential element of the community. read more