out in the south

Out in the South is a MultiMedia storytelling series by Deonna Kelli Sayed and Steve Mitchell exploring issues of culture and identity in the American South. Most episodes include text, podcast, and video elements and are grounded in the conviction that individual stories are vital and instructive. It is our stories, and our ability to tell them, to listen, that makes us human.

We talked with LGBTQ individuals, from 70 to 20, about growing up in the South.
This series won a 2017 North Carolina Press Award and first place in the 2017 Association of Alternative Media Award for Best LGBT reporting.

These stories were produced for Yes!Weekly in Greensboro, NC in 2016-17. Jeff Sykes was the series editor.

Out in the South, in five parts

Jim Carmichael
Kevin Varner
Ivey Ghee
Coen Crisp/Jackie Storholt
Sade Carter/Corey Wooten

Being and Whiteness, in two parts
We asked white people to tell us about the first time they realized they were white and then we asked, “What exactly is Whiteness?”

Re-imagining Conversations on Race in America
The Invisibility of Whiteness

Storybooth: Skin, in two parts
How do we negotiate color in the contemporary South?

Michael Robinson
Luis Medina

Death Pimp: Thinking Outside the Coffin
Stimp Hawkins
Wrongful Conviction Drives His Art
Sherrill Roland